Tarator (Bulgarian cold cucumber soup)


– plain yogurt
– cucumber
– garlic
– walnuts
– parsley or dill
– salt

Tarator soup

Beat the yogurt, crash walnuts and garlic, and combine all ingredients together.

Put into the refrigerator to cool. Better to eat at once upon preparing. By the next day the garlic flavor may become a little bit stronger.

Tarator soupTarator soup



One response

  1. Honestly, the cucumber in your photo looks awful when compared to the cucumbers we have over here in Bulgaria. Of course, that’s due me being used to less watery, more strongly tasting cucumbers.

    Other than that, I suggest you to experiment with this recipe. Most Bulgarians usually use dill, which I dislike, with parsley being a runner-up (considered to be “untraditional” yet not unheard of). Personally, I try to use celery leaves instead. You can also use Brazil nuts or Almonds instead but I prefer to stick with Walnuts.

    One of the best spin-offs on this dish is to use avocado instead of cucumber, and blend everything together at the end. It makes for quite a different, but nonetheless delicious recipe.


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