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Roasted tomatoes in dehydrator.


Помидоры разрезать на 2 половинки, выскрести мякоть, семечки, сбрызнуть оливк.маслом, Basil balsamic, свежие травы типа орегано и тд, чеснок.
Выложить в стеклянную посудину и в дегидратор (из него придёься вытащить подносы). Темп. 105, на 6-8-10 часов или дольше, смотря как “roasted” вы их хотите. Очень вкусно.



Raw juice pulp crackers.


Pulp left after making Beet Carrot Apple Celery juice. IMG_0003


– Pulp

– Flaxseeds

– Sea salt, garlic powder, dry basil and Oregon  IMG_0005

Dehydrator: t 115F; for about 6-7 hoursJuice pulp crackers. Raw.

Salad with Papaya and Jicama

Salad with papaya and jicama


– Papaya

– Jicama

– Mango

– Green mix

Dressing: orange (juiced), sea salt, red pepper, olive oil

IMG_0002 IMG_0009

Apple Beet Juice with Jicama

Apple Beet juice with JicamaIngredients:

– Jicama (peeled)

– Beet

– Apples

– Carrots

– Ginger



Also known as the yambean, Mexican potato or Chinese turnip, jicama is a low-calorie plant root that can add dietary fiber, antioxidant compounds and a number of vitamins and minerals to your diet.


Papaya pudding

Papaya puddingIngredients:

– Papaya

– Peach

– Fresh ginger

– Chia seeds (1tsp)

– Vanilla extract (1tsp)

Directions: Blend everything together, chill in refrigerator for 30 minutes.


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