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Фаршированные грибы.


На сковородке поджарить мелко-порезанные ножки грибов и чеснок; вместо соли — соевый соус. Добавить тёртую морковку и мелко-порезанный celery, продолжить жарить, но буквально 1минуту.

Выложить массу в тарелку, добавить Hemp (3ложки Hemp – 11гр белка), сухарей, если надо чуть масла, перемешать. Нафарщировать шляпки грибов. Oven — 350F, 20min.
Сверху я припорошила нутришинл yeast (для сырного привкуса) и зелёный лук.


Raw fastfood — live french fries



– Jicama

– Olive oil

– Garlic powder (or onion powder)

– Sea salt

– Paprika

PicMonkey CollageDirections: slice jicama so it looks like french fries. Combine in a bowl with onion/garlic powder, sea salt, paprika, and olive oil.


Raw juice pulp crackers.


Pulp left after making Beet Carrot Apple Celery juice. IMG_0003


– Pulp

– Flaxseeds

– Sea salt, garlic powder, dry basil and Oregon  IMG_0005

Dehydrator: t 115F; for about 6-7 hoursJuice pulp crackers. Raw.

Homemade fruit chips (with dehydrator)

Homemade fruit chips (with dehydrator)



Apple. banana, strawberry and kiwi chips

Homemade fruit chips (with dehydrator)

Pre-treat apples (soak in water with lemon for about 1 hour)

Apples tend to oxidize more than other fruits. Oxidation causes browning of cut food when is dried.

This causes a loss in flavor and vitamins A and C. Pre-treatment minimizes oxidation.

Homemade fruit chips (with dehydrator)

Baked Kale Chips.

Kale chips

Kale chips


– Kale (Remove leaves from the steam. Wash and dry very well. It should be very dry)

 -Coconut oil (or olive oil). Toss leaves with oil and distribute it evenly with your hands. Continue reading →

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